Frequently Asked Questions.

Whether you are a new patient or a regular, you might have some questions around what we do and how we can help.

Hopefully we’ve answered them below if not feel free to contact us for more information 

General Safety

Are the clinicians trained? 

All podiatrists are HCPC registered and members of the College of Podiatry.

They are all fully qualified podiatrist with both NHS and Private practice experience.

Is Podiatry Safe? 

Yes, podiatry treatment is very safe. 

All instruments used or sterilised using medical standard sterilisation techniques in line with medical guidelines

Fresh clean instruments are used on each client sharp tools are used safely by trained medical professionals

Do you treat diabetics? 

Yes, we are foot specialists trained to provide safe foot care for diabetic needs.

Our Treatments

Are treatments painful?

We aim for all treatment to be as painless as possible but in some cases slight discomfort maybe experienced. 

Do you numb the feet during treatment?

Unless specified, most treatments can done without numbing the foot.

For pain-sensitive clients, a numbing cream can be applied for an extra charge. We do also use local anaesthetic injections which require a pre-assessment. 

How long do the treatment typically last?

Treatments last between 30-45 mins. longer appointment times may be needed for more complex cases this will be assessed and addressed by your clinician.

How many treatment sessions will I need?

Following your initial assessment, we can discuss the best options for you and the number of recommend sessions may vary depending on the severity of your foot concerns.

Do you use water or soak feet? 

All treatments are preformed on a dry foot. This is because water actually masks what is really happening on the skins surface. Also sharp debridement is usually used which would be unsafe on wet or moist skin.

We do have an option where you can upgrade to a deluxe medical pedicure which after your treatment you are given a relaxing foot bath followed by a foot scrub and mask.

Podiatry & Pedicures

What is the difference between a Podiatrist and a Pedicurist?

Podiatrists have a degree which allows them to assess, diagnosis and treat problems in the lower limb (from hip down to feet)  they have knowledge all areas and problems relating to your feet.

Pedicurists trained to provide a therapeutic, pampering treatment as long as long as the pedicurists is fully the correct health and safety guidelines.

Podiatrist are trained to us sharp debridement (scalpels) to safety remove hard skin.

Pedicurists are not allowed to use blades during treatment.

What is the difference between a medical pedicure and a general pedicure?

A medical pedicure is a combination of traditional podiatry with an aesthetic pedicure like finish.

Medical pedicures are carried out by medically-trained podiatrists who specialise in foot-care and treatment.

General pedicures are typically carried out by beautician or nail technicians. They are a cosmetic session to help your feet look nice.

Your First appointment 

What do I need to bring to my first appointment?

Your first appointment will include an assesment so we will need a list of medication or foot medications you are currently using. 

You can also wear your regular footwear to your first appointment so a footwear assessment can be made.

Once you’ve booked with us we will send you a pre-appointment pack with all important information on how to best prepare for your appointment. 

Do I need to do anything to my feet before my appointment?

We do advise that if there are any open cuts or wounds a dry plaster or dressing is applied to prevent any infections.

Please do not cream your feet or have nail varnish on (removal or varnish or gel may incur and extra fee)

Once you’ve booked with us we will send you a pre-appointment pack with all important information on how to best prepare for your appointment. 

Payment & Parking

How do I complete payment?

A deposit is required to finalise your booking, the remaining balance can then be settled after your treatment.

We accept all major forms of payment; cash, credit and debit cards. There are no charges for accepting cash or debit cards.

What if I have medical insurance?

If you do have insurance, we kindly ask that you provide all your insurance details at the time of booking.

This should include your health insurance provider, your policy and authorisation numbers plus your date of birth.

Payment is taken at the end of each treatment session and a receipt sent to insurance company. 

Is there free parking?

Parking on the main road is free for 1 hour, there is also free parking available near by at Sainsbury’s or Waitrose car park for 2 hours (E18 1AY). 

During the week local side roads are pay and display, where you can park for free after 18:30 and on the weekend, please check signs for any changes. 

Can I arrange a home visit instead? 

A home visit package is available. We cover most parts of London & Essex.

Please call to speak to the podiatrist for pricing based on treatment requirements and mileage.

About Us

Revitalising treatment and care. 
For you, from us. 

Sole to Sole Podiatry is an innovative medical aesthetic foot clinic.

We strive to help your feet look & feel good through the use of both medical and cosmetic podiatry foot treatments.

Who We ARe
holistic approach

Holistic Approach

We focus not just on the condition but on how your feet can impact your wellness.


Transformative Care

We specialise in effective treatments to help repair, refresh and revitilise your feet. 

Professional Service

Professional & Quality Service

All of our services are tailored to you with bespoke diagnosis and care throughout.  


Sole to Sole Podiatry is a UK based foot clinic focused on healing, restoring and reviving feet through medical and cosmetic treatments.

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