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Vitamin Therapy

Your moment to recharge with us

Experience the benefits of IV drips and IM boosters from our new Vitamin Bar. 

Vitamins, minerals & amino acids are vital to your physical and mental health.

With our lifestyle habits our bodies often find our diets lack essential nutrients and vitamins you needs to reach optimum wellness.

Tiredness? Run Down? Fatigued? These are just some of the signs that you may be missing something. Vitamin therapy is an ideal way to help replenish and restore balance to your body. 

Now available at our clinic and for in-home appointments. 

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Our Vitamins

We offer four different essential vitamins to allow us to create infusions to suit your needs.

Vitamin D

• Supports healthy Bones, Teeth & Muscles
• Protects against disease
• Helps protect & rejuvenate skin

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Vitamin C

• Healing
• Helps manage blood pressure 
• Boosts immunity
• Protects memory
• Helps Iron deficiency

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Vitamin B Complex

• Prevents infection 
• Encourages cell regeneration 
• Improves cognitive function 

Vitamin B12

• Mood booster
• Balances metabolism
• Helps prevent Anemia
• Supports healthy bones
• Helps prevents osteoporosis

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What are IM Boosters? 

Intramuscular vitamin booster shots are a quick and efficient way of topping up your vitamins.  

Delivered directly into the thigh, buttock or arm muscle, the benefits of our booster shots can be felt for several weeks following treatment which we maximise through a course of 4 injections over 1 - 2 weeks.

IM boosters are an ideal supplement for managing your body, mood and overall health for people who have limited time and need a boost as part of a busy schedule.

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What are IV drips? 

Intravenous drips provide a combination minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and amino acids directly into the bloodstream.

They can provide a long-lasting, positive benefit following a 30 - 60 minute session.

You will immediately start to absorb 100% of the vitamins and nutrients, compared to oral supplements which can take around 6 months to absorb 10 - 30% when taken daily. 

This makes IV drips the perfect way to 
restore balance to your body.

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Our Formulas

Each formula is designed to tackle specific concerns, including fatigue, stress, physical and emotional wellness. 

hydration drip

Hydration Drip

vitamin c

High Vitamin C Drip


Multivitamin Drip


Immunity Drip

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Sole to Sole Podiatry is a UK based foot clinic focused on healing, restoring and reviving feet through medical and cosmetic treatments.

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